Custom invitations & Stationery

Yellow & Lace specializes in custom-invitations that will convey your love story.  Despite their small size, invitations are very important. They are the first thing your guests see and set the overall tone of your occasion. 



Having signage at your event is great way to welcome your guests or help them navigate where they need to be.  Whether chalkboard or mirror, Yellow & Lace can create signages out of (almost) anything!


calligraphy & lettering

Having your guests' names individually written adds a personal touch to your wedding. Calligraphy is making a comeback and becoming a necessary detail for your special day.  Whimsical lettering or formal script adds character to your envelopes or escort cards


commission artwork

Every love story is its own work of art.  With a background in illustration, Y&L can personalize your special day with a hand-painted jacket or a beautiful mural as your ceremony backdrop. Custom paintings make a perfect keepsake.